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    U bolt:definition,application,shape,basic knowledge


    Named because of the U-shaped shape, there are threads on both ends that can be combined with a nut, mainly used to fix tubular objects such as water pipes or sheet objects such as leaf springs of automobiles


    U-shape is generally used in trucks, it is used to stabilize the car chassis and frame. For example, leaf springs are connected by U-bolts. U-shaped bolts have a wide range of uses, the main purpose: construction and installation, mechanical parts connection, vehicles, ships, bridges, tunnels, railways, etc.


    Main shapes: semicircle, square right angle, triangle, oblique triangle, etc.


    U-shaped bolts are divided into carbon steel Q235, Q345 alloy steel, stainless steel 201 304 316, etc. according to the material, that is, carbon steel and stainless steel


    1: Remove the nut and the U-shaped bolt may connect the nut to its thread. First remove the nuts from both sides of the bolt.  

    Step 2: Place U-shaped bolts    Place the U-shaped bolts around the object to be connected to the beam or bracket. This object is usually a pipe or pipe.

    Step 3: Check the holes   Next, please make sure you drill the holes correctly on the support structure. If you have drilled through the beam, make sure you have not damaged its protective coating. Cracks in the coating may cause rust around the hole. At this stage, it is wise to trim the beam surface around the hole before adding bolts. 

    Step 4: Pass the bolt through   , pass the two bolt ends through the holes, and then screw nuts on both ends of the U-bolt.  

    Step 5: Tighten the nut    It is worth mentioning that the placement of the nut on the restraint device will be different from the guide device. If a restraint device is used, the nut on the bottom side of the beam needs to be tightened. 

    For the guide, you need to place a nut on the top of the beam and a nut on the bottom side. These nuts allow proper spacing between the pipe and the U-bolt.  After installing the nut in place, first manually tighten the nut closest to the beam. Finally, tighten the second nut at each end. This will lock the U-bolt in place. Then, use a power tool or wrench to tighten the nut until it is secure.

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